It’s a Photo-greedy world.

It is a photo-greedy world out there and we are living in it right now. With this sudden growth in the smartphone Industry, where everyone is carrying a camera in their pocket and photo capturing is just a click away, we have lost so many good things. The basic motive of visiting places or getting dressed has completely changed as now people do it for the photos to be captured at that particular place or in that particular dress. They refuse to live the moment and spend that precious moment with their loved ones and they rather click lots and lots of pictures to take them home and see them later of course with their loved ones !! . Social networking sites have a major role in this behavioral change among people of all the ages. They want to share each and every moment with their so-called friends on that site but they are not willing to share those moments with themselves only. I once visited a birthday party where the father was more interested in making to video of the cake cutting ceremony than in spending that moment with his child, as he wanted to share that video with his friends on Facebook the first thing in the morning.

These photos are clicked at the banks of river Ganga at the time of evening Aarti

People here are more interested and enthusiastic about capturing these moments on their smartphones rather than attending the Aarti and participating in it. Everyone’s mobile is up and running having a great time when they are holding it up. These social networking sites have brought friends and family close but people are getting away from themselves.

This is my first attempt to create a photo blog in a form of an article. I look forward to having more posts with more and more photos and my next topic. Thanks 🙂


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